Monday, September 24, 2012

An Easy Decorating Idea

Looking for an easy center piece for your table or a fun focal point in a room? A decorative box can make a great choice, and the best part is it is an easy look to achieve. Here is a quick "how to" to give you a few ideas for how to decorate yours. 

Step 1: Find the perfect box... easy, we have lots to choose from ;) 

Step 2: Add a little height by wadding up some newspaper
  and lining the bottom. When it comes to decorating newspaper is a great thing to always have on hand.

Step 3: What to fill it with?
Well, for a box that says "pumpkins" I think that  pumpkins are pretty appropriate
But of course, we have lots of other fun fillers too! You could have a lot of fun with these candy corns.

For that little extra pizzazz fall leaves make an excellent touch.

Step 4: Place pumpkins in the box. Then place the leaves in between them- the main goal is to cover up the newspaper. Have fun with the leaves, there is no right or wrong way to do this :)  

Ta da! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank you!

Jim and I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to make our first annual "Spring Open House" a huge success. We were blessed with beautiful weather, wonderful friends, dedicated family and loyal customers. For those who didn't get to meet all the staff, I want to introduce them from left to right.

Beth(shows up everyday with "give me a job!"worked and juggled two small children a job and husband, everyone should have a neighbor like her and Jared!)Susan(our favorite daughter-in law!Love,love,love her!)

Martha(Our techno genius, responsible for posting and blogging, and trying to teach Jim and I computer skills. Can you imagine?)

Stacee(Our daughter, she's responsible for making this all happen. She started the facebook, then pushed,pushed,pushed until we set a date for the open house. She has worked endless hours, not only in the store, but on last minute taxes with Jim!!! She's fierce and dedicated and we adore her.)

Jim(My better half!)

Pat(Jim's better half!)

 Michelle(Head cashier. Lived her dream on Saturday!)

Donna( Loyal friend and owner of RUSTIC GATHERINGS primitive store in Cape Coral, if you are down south you must visit her store! She brought and prepared food til 3:00 am....what a friend!)

Lexi( Grand-daughter willing to do anything to help....what a blessing she is!) 


Not pictured Pam(sister-in-law,she's taking the pictures, always, always, always,available to help. Brought and prepared food and snacks. She's everyone's Aunt Pam, and we all love her dearly!

Ronnie(brother, unbelieveable devotion to help us to obtain a dream....he instinctively knows how to get things done! There's nothing he won't do to help. Not just us, but anyone, that's what makes him very special to us.)

So our thanks all.......and until the next "Fall Open House" God Bless 

Pat and Jim Tucker

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sneak Peak

A special preview of what you will see on Saturday! We will accept cash and checks, but no plastic. Cannot wait to see you in a few days! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Important Correction!

Hey y'all!

An important correction needs to be made! We used the term "store" which is not entirely accurate. As of right now April 21st will be an OPEN HOUSE event. We are hoping to hold several open houses throughout the year. Start your spring off right and help make the 21st a "blooming" success!

Information about the Open House event:

April 21st

Hours: 9-6

Address: 3417 Brown Road, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

Looking forward to seeing y'all in April!

Monday, March 5, 2012


The Tucker's Farmhouse is happy to announce
 the OPENING date for their new store!
 Mark your calendars for APRIL 21 
and come visit us! 

Pat and Jim have all kinds of new treasures that they cannot wait to share with you. Check back often as we post some sneak peeks of their new work. 

Help us make the opening a huge success by sharing this page and liking us on Facebook today! 

Friday, March 2, 2012


Welcome to Tucker's Farmhouse!

Exciting things are happening on Brown Road! We are thrilled to announce the start of our blog so we can stay connected to all our friends and customers. Please bookmark us at: Tuckers Farmhouse and  like us on Facebook today!

Jim and Pat are working hard to perfect their latest projects for THE GRAND OPENING of their store. The date will be posted soon so come back and visit us y'all!